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Gardening has shown benefits to youth to gain underlying life skills (cognitive skills, social skills and emotional coping skills).  Skills are gained and practiced through experiential learning in groupings.  For example, when working along side others, social and communication skills are practiced in conjunction with critical thinking and emotional coping skills with completing the task at hand.  Participants learn how to provide skills to youth, while engaging them in learning underlying skill sets.

Mangrulkar, Whitman, & Posner, (2001)  Prajapti et al (2016)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Public and private education
  • Parent Teacher’s Associations (PTA)
  • Community settings (religious based settings, Boys and Girls Clubs)

Topics can focus on specific skills

How to incorporate practical problem solving skills

Sensory and self regulation skills

Fine motor and dexterity training

Presentations can be a onetime, 1 hour presentation to an ongoing live or via zoom format.

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