Annette Hatala OTL, OTD

As an occupational therapist, former homeschooler, and parent of a child with special needs (ADHD and sensory processing disorder), my goal is to help families with children and adolescents gain productive life skills and techniques to manage their day to day symptoms. In the past, I have worked with at-risk teens in group homes with many diagnoses including conduct disorder, oppositional defiant, ADHD, learning disabilities, and attachment disorders. By providing experiential learning experiences, I help teens gain new and adaptive life skills while engaging in tasks. Life skills learned include sensory regulation techniques, alternative learning styles, executive functions, and self-regulating techniques, all of which allow these individuals to participate in activities which are meaningful to them.

I am also a mentor of the nonprofit Life’s Toolbox. The nonprofit was created as a junction point for occupational therapists, professionals, and artisans to provide life skill classes in small groups of at risk populations, allowing clients to carry over skills learned in individual sessions to a group setting. Ultimately, the goal is to increase client carry over of the new productive life skills into their home, school, and community lives.