Aquatic Therapy & Watsu®

Decompressing movements group 60 minutes $25.00 limit 4 participants
This workshop is a combination of Ah Chi (gentle body movements while in warm water) then followed by AQUATERNATIVES® foundation active exercises for balance and organization though MOVING AWARENESS and Aquatherics® bodywork. This combination of active exercises and passive bodywork will be completed with the practitioner floating the participant through various movements to release tension, and holding patterns to allow for better balance and organization of the body. This translates into better balance and less stress in the body on land in daily life. Many people report less pain, more mobility, and better sleep.

By blending various types of aquatic modalities, the practitioner supports the client as they glide through the warm water in a series of gentle movements including traction, lengthening, and stretches using hydrodynamic drag and massage. This combination of water and movement creates an essence of calmness and stillness.


  • 30 minutes $75.00
  • 60 minutes $150.00

Watsu to you special

I come to your pool, the pool will need to be heated to 96 degrees

4 1/2 hours for $600

Invite friends and have a minimum of 20 minutes to 1 hour sessions