Occupational Therapy Services

At different times of our lives, we seek to find purpose and balance. Occupational therapists assist individuals in gaining life skills through the use of various activities. From knitting a hat to making a kumihimo bracelet, these skills help individuals engage in a repetitive self meditative activity when experiencing overwhelming feelings. Symbolic windchimes or the creation of a treasure box can assist participants in identifying what is meaningful and not in their lives. Each activity has underlying purposes that assist the individuals in finding purpose in their lives.

Gaining life skills is imperative during the development of youth to learn social skills and self/ sensory regulating techniques to manage classroom behaviors. It is important during adolescence when additional skills are needed for executive functions and to utilize underlying psychosocial skills to manage daily interactions with others. These skills and the ability to adapt, adjust, and be mentally flexible are vital to being able to grow and develop meaningful relationships with family, coworkers, and society at whole. At different times in one’s life, individuals seek to repurpose their lives.

This may be due to life changing events from an accident, an illness, or managing their loved one’s illness, but also due to identifying past life skills that are no longer valid and seeking to find new pathways and examine new purposes for their lives. At these times of repurposing, new life skills need to be identified. In times of exploration and repurposing, an occupational therapist can assist with identifying new roles and incremental stepping stones to assist the participant from transitioning from one role to another singular role or multiple roles.